Medieval Madrid

Welcome to Madrid, the roots of Castille.
Private guided tour to discover those centuries when Spain was not Spain. Not yet. It was a conglomerate of different Kingdoms and Counthoods.
Castille: Land of castles, land of the Castilian language, land of Queen Isabel of Castille.
Most of the tribes and civilizations in the history of Mediterranean geography … were once in the Iberian Peninsula, visited and many settled in Spain.
Most of those inhabitants are now part of the Spanish heritage. Celts, Phoenicians, Greeks, Carthaginians, Romans, Visigoths, Moors, Christians, Jews …
Castille, which is located in Spain’s central plateau, was the territory of many of them.
Our Medieval Madrid walking tour, shows you the origins of the old town up to and including the 15th century. We start with a few remaining Archaeological sites. You will hear stories about the early inhabitants and take a pleasant historical walk through the different civilizations that were here:
Step 1: The Moors. Mohamed I and the Islamic Empire.
Year 850: He came from southern Spain. He is the founder of Madrid, called in those days MAGERIT. We´ll discover the Moorish Wall and the remains of the Almudena mosque.
Step 2: The Christians. Alfonso VI of Castille and the Christian Age.
Year 1085: He came from Northern Spain ready to conquer this town and other towns in Central Spain. Those were the days of MATRIZE. We´ll see the remains of the Almudena church, and the Christian Wall.
Madrid had in those days 10 churches. Now the only several survive, the oldest are San Nicolas and San Pedro. They are very unique examples of medieval local architecture.
Step 3: The Jews.
We will explain why the third civilization left Madrid in a voluntary way and they all went to Toledo. Time to talk about Isabel from Castille and Ferdinand from Aragon.
We will see the Lujanes tower at Plaza de la Villa.

Muslims, Christians and Jews.
After the tour, we suggest you visit on your own the Madrid MAN , Museo Arqueológico Nacional (National Archeological Museum) where you will make tangible the stories of those fascinating cultures.

Tour Details:
Duration:2 hours

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