Madrid Literary Tour

Private guided tour on Spanish literature in Madrid.

Few cities can boast about the amount of writers that all throughout its history have produced their novels, plays & poetry in their city limits. Classical (16th and 17th centuries) as well as Modern (18th thru 20th centuries) literature, the great geniuses of the Castilian language (Spanish) left there “words” in Madrid. This city inspired many of the greatest to write their masterpieces that today are part of our literary heritage.

Las letras (letters of a word) district is an area of Madrid full of personality. Some of the greatest Spanish writers of the Golden Century like Miguel de Cervantes and Lope de Vega both lived and died in these streets. Both men had a close relationship with the Trinitarian convent. Cervantes’ daughter was one of the nuns in that cloister. Lope de Vega´s daughter was too. Both women played a very important role there. Both writers were professional rivals and personal friends. Las Letras neighborhood is a paradise for book lovers. Many other writers were also there in other centuries:
Calderon de la Barca, and his amazing “Life is a dream”. A classic book that could be contemporary.
Quevedo and Gongora, personal and professional enemies. Fascinating fights.
Becquer, the romantic of the swallows. Beautiful poems in Spanish verse.
Espronceda, and his canyons. The pride of a nation.
Moratin, and his sophisticated ladies. Feminism in male times.
Larra, life & suicide. A high thinking man against hypocrite society.
Zorrilla, the romantic. Impossible love between Don Juan and the nun Ines.
Benavente, Nobel Prize of Literature.
Valle Inclan, master of extravagance. The agitator of consciences.
Perez Galdos, the master of historians. The best prose after Cervantes.
Garcia Lorca, the most translated poet. The ethical writer killed by Franco forces.
Get to know them!

We will visit Puerta del Sol, Plaza de Jacinto Benavente, Plaza del Angel, San Sebastian, Plaza de Matute, Plaza de las Platerías, Plaza de las Cortes, etc.

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Duration:2 hours

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