Habsburg Madrid

Kings & Queens from the Habsburg or Austrian Dynasty.  Private guided tour of Madrid Renaissance years.

The new age Habsburg Dynasty that reigned in Spain during the 16th and 17th centuries. Take a walk and enjoy the Old Town focusing on buildings from this period, see what these monarchs left behind. One of our most pinturesque and unique tours.

1. Juana “the mad” and Felipe I “the handsome” a marriage full of insane love , death and tragedy.
Juana was one of the daughters of Isabel and Ferdinand.
Felipe I is the first member of the Austrian Habsburg dynasty in Spain.

2. Carlos I of Spain and Carlos V of Germany. More than a King … an Emperor. The most powerfull man on Earth in the first half of those 1500s.
From his maternal grandparents, Isabel & Ferdinand he inherited all that legacy from Spain and America.
From his paternal grandfather, Maximilian the Great, he got all those properties from the Eastern side of Europe. “The sun never set in the lands of Carlos…”

3. Felipe II. King of the Spanish Armanda. The man who named Madrid in 1561 as the new capital of the Spanish Empire. The demolition of the walls of Madrid.
At El Escorial, his fortress located in the mountains of Madrid he ruled a vast empire.
“Philipus is the King of the Philippines…”
See the Monastery of Descalzas and Plaza de la Villa de Madrid.

4. Felipe III. A good man surronded by bad people. The begining of the decline.
A king who delegated all his power to the Duke of Lerma. Stories about corruption.
See Monastery of Encarnacion and Plaza Mayor de Madrid.

5. Felipe IV. Serious political problems for Spain. Blooming of Arts, the Golden Age of Culture. A monarch who delegated all his power to the Duke of Olivares. Stories about more corruption. See Plaza de la Provincia and Plaza de la Santa Cruz.

6. Carlos II. The apocalypse of the Habsburgs. Year 1700 : The death of the King. The last chapter of those 200 years of Hasburg reign in Spain.
See Plaza de la Villa.

Tour Details:
Duration:2 hours

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